Thunder Suit Up in Pads for the 1st Time

by Joshua Katz

November 2nd, 2021 was a historical practice for the Tampa Bay Thunder. For the first time this season, the Thunder suited up in pads and helmets as they participated in their weekly practice.

Here is what Center Evan Hogan had to say regarding the team’s first padded practice, “It felt great to get back in pads. The intensity was there and there was a lot of thudding.”

Hogan was absolutely right. The energy, and more specifically, the Thunder’s intensity, was very different on Tuesday.

The practice on 11/2 featured the first padded competition period. The amount of grit and competitiveness was definitely there.

This practice was beyond exciting to watch. Some players couldn’t stop smiling even if you asked them to.

To hear the sound of players colliding was one of the most satisfying sounds I have heard in a long time. It was a great sight to see the Thunder players doing what they love to do.

Here’s what Hogan had to say about padded practices versus unpadded practices, “The difference between practicing with pads opposed to without pads shows who really wants to be here. A lot of players like to hide in the back as opposed to not being padded up.”

In the Thunders’ case, it looked like quite literally every player wanted to be there. They have a passion for playing this sport.

The Thunder will resume practice on 11/9.

                   Photo by: Gio Alvarez