Blessing in Disguise? Thunder's Perfect Season Campaign Ends After 6 Games

by Logan Semegram

The Tampa Bay Thunder look to bounce back this weekend after a tough loss to the defending champion, Southwest Florida Gladiators, in their second heated matchup of the year.

Just eight weeks ago, the Thunder set out with one mission: a perfect season and a ring. After being handed their first loss, leaders such as NFL Veteran Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, reminded the team that one loss does not define anything.

“Don’t let one game determine the rest of the season…The measure of a man is getting back up after he gets knocked down,” Rodgers-Cromartie added.

Losing a Super Bowl has taught him that the game is beyond just the field.

With the loss in rear view, it seems as if the team is now more motivated to come home with an FFA championship.

Owner Jake Moore seemingly put together what seems to be the best team in the FFA when it comes to talent, as well as a team that knows adversity. Ten-time non-public state champion, Head Coach Bob Henriquez, addressed his team after the loss in a way only winning coaches know how to.

“The outcome of next week, the remainder of the season, and result in the playoffs, will be determined by our response,” Henriquez stated.

With a roster built to win from bottom to top, it seemed the group was hitting their stride. That was up until star Quarterback, Brian Waiters, was sidelined with an ankle injury keeping him out of the matchup with the Gladiators. Additionally, the Offense has had to play “Lineman Roulette”.

With starting Offensive Guard, Evan Hogan, set to return, as well as Waiters, we are close to seeing what this team can really be. The Thunder have the most talented Defense in the FFA, and with the Offense approaching full strength, nobody see’s anyone stopping the Thunder.

“Every team needs a wakeup call, and we got our’s,” Running Back Joshua Hicks told Inside Reporter, Logan Semegram.

Expect the men to come out full force in Miami this Saturday, March 19th, at Monsignor Edward Pace High School for 6:00PM kick-off against the Miami Magic City Bulls.

Copyedited by: Joshua Katz

Cover Photo: Elijah Hasty